Sunday, 25 December 2016

A visit to World headquarters of Adobe

Its Christmas Eve, and one would expect to spend their amazing holiday time with friends and family; I can fool anyone on facebook with a morphing of my pictures, enjoying with friends in CA. Thanks to Adobe Photoshop, I need not use it because I’m a luckiest Indian in California to have a childhood mate working for a world class company. A short trip to Christmas in the park in Santa Clara lead me to enter into headquarters of Adobe. GoD!! I just experienced a roller-coaster ride into the world headquarters of ADOBE. Anush Krishna, You just motivated me to stand out from the ashes of my fear.

First time is the best time to get a long lasting experience. The giant touch screen interface in the visitors lounge displaying information about patents ADOBE hold is quite inspiring. It Displays the product engineers and the team behind those assets(patents) in an interactive approach. The elevator operating with a mandatory employee swipe-in during non-business hours ensures the robust security mechanisms set in place. Having an individual office for most of the employees is amazing. The layout of the world headquarters of adobe is in the shape of their logo from a birds eye view. After all, it should be something special.

An employee of Adobe experiences best of the both worlds; The campus is awe inspiring with its off beat style furniture, table tennis equipped conference rooms and the popular cuisines in cafeteria from Western and eastern parts of the world. The flexibility of having a dedicated room for talking phone calls, reserving a conference room with few clicks on the conference room touch screen device, having Peet’s coffee in the break out area and other complementary beverages are additional perks employees would love to have in their workplace. One can use any of their conference room walls as whiteboard to discuss the idea during any presentations. I love the flexibility Adobe offers to its employees

Despite being inside the campus during holiday period and unusual non-business hours, we enjoyed the ambience and the lovely music played the break-out areas. It is the motive of Adobe to motivate best of the best talent in bay area to work for them. I loved the tour of Adobe and I’m a highly motivated person now! 

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