Sunday, 25 December 2016

A visit to World headquarters of Adobe

Its Christmas Eve, and one would expect to spend their amazing holiday time with friends and family; I can fool anyone on facebook with a morphing of my pictures, enjoying with friends in CA. Thanks to Adobe Photoshop, I need not use it because I’m a luckiest Indian in California to have a childhood mate working for a world class company. A short trip to Christmas in the park in Santa Clara lead me to enter into headquarters of Adobe. GoD!! I just experienced a roller-coaster ride into the world headquarters of ADOBE. Anush Krishna, You just motivated me to stand out from the ashes of my fear.

First time is the best time to get a long lasting experience. The giant touch screen interface in the visitors lounge displaying information about patents ADOBE hold is quite inspiring. It Displays the product engineers and the team behind those assets(patents) in an interactive approach. The elevator operating with a mandatory employee swipe-in during non-business hours ensures the robust security mechanisms set in place. Having an individual office for most of the employees is amazing. The layout of the world headquarters of adobe is in the shape of their logo from a birds eye view. After all, it should be something special.

An employee of Adobe experiences best of the both worlds; The campus is awe inspiring with its off beat style furniture, table tennis equipped conference rooms and the popular cuisines in cafeteria from Western and eastern parts of the world. The flexibility of having a dedicated room for talking phone calls, reserving a conference room with few clicks on the conference room touch screen device, having Peet’s coffee in the break out area and other complementary beverages are additional perks employees would love to have in their workplace. One can use any of their conference room walls as whiteboard to discuss the idea during any presentations. I love the flexibility Adobe offers to its employees

Despite being inside the campus during holiday period and unusual non-business hours, we enjoyed the ambience and the lovely music played the break-out areas. It is the motive of Adobe to motivate best of the best talent in bay area to work for them. I loved the tour of Adobe and I’m a highly motivated person now! 

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Finding the Lost traveler

Travelling - The biggest lie that existed on my resume until now. Being a traditional guy next door working in a typical software industry, I killed many opportunities I had to explore amazing places in my home country. I have decided to take some time out of my rat race to explore the new. America, It is you for some reason I'm here. Its time for me to bring my biggest lie into reality.

I felt some buzz about a weekend trip in planning phase behind the scenes and i was initially clueless. A sudden invite from our batch for the trip ignited the spark; I didn't bother to ask where we were going and what we are going to do over the trip because that was the suspense I wouldn't want to reveal for myself, much ahead of time. I slept late in the night before journey, ambiguous about which car I'm gonna travel. The first surprise in the morning was loud enough. A black car, which i have seen only in Fast and furious, arrived in front of me. Wow! its a Dodge Challenger. So, lets start the journey with a Car Selfie...

Team Challenger(Names from right to left): Vinay, Bhaskar, Avinaash & Yashwanth

Oops...The car goes unrecognized because of over excitement. Let's reveal it in the upcoming journey

Some quick Tacos made us all set to go. Vinay, the man behind the wheel decided to test the throttle. The pick up gives an adrenaline rush cruising into crazy speeds that I have ever imagined. When you have a beast in your hand, don't bother about safety, be watchful of the cops on interstate highways ( A "ticket" on your way Hurts!)

Beautiful is a the horizon with clear blue and green ranches in the frame. The twists and turns of the road reveals the eye-pleasing mountain ranges and valleys.

Such a road will never make the photographer sleep. Let there be raining pictures :)

We have added our touch of craziness with a peppy number in "Happy"

We were head towards the Lost Maples state park in Texas. Unfortunately, the park was full we have to wait for one hour and 45 mins. Finding folks in other cars with  no cell phone connectivity is fun and we somehow managed to find our friends five miles away from the park entrance.

The only way we could elapse our waiting time is... selfies, Profile pics, DPs, Wall pics... whatever u call it... we made it. Yet there is Q... A train of carz......

We got our turn to start the trek into the Lost Maples. We should have given two more weeks push forward for the maples to turn yellow. Yet, it's beautiful in its own way! 

The Monkey Rock

Walking uphill

Walking and climbing the mountain uphill is strenuous: It's worth the view at the top

The beauty evolves with fall colors of leaves turning golden yellow

Is there anything wrong with the image ? Find it out...

During my childhood, My friends Harsha, Sri vidya and I used to think of this plant as devil's species... Nostalgic schooldays
Walking around 10,700 steps (4.7 miles)  in the wild without any hassle of work study and household chores is quite refreshing. The three hours we spent in trekking left us with many memories.I read somewhere that travelling is a great stress buster and i have experienced it that day in Lost Maples. 

We headed to Kerrville City park to our campsite. entering into the park was a bit tricky as the management building was a mile away from the park which is unusual! We are all set to make the night a lively one with the minimal arrangements. Setting up a huge tent (Spacious enough for ten people to sleep) literally took an hour with more than eight people involved in the installation. We have forgot the most important thing for campfire. Since Americans are known for their helping and welcoming nature, An Old american couple voluntarily asked us to use their spare firewood and fuel. A country's greatness lies in the people representing it. 

Campsite at Kerrville City park

My first campfire was great with songs sung from 90's and the crazy judges we had for "Anthyakshari". I loved the chicken cooked on grill and the fun around the fire. The next day's trip in our Dodge was to Six flags - Fiesta Texas, pushing the limits of fear and courage for adventurous rides.

Images Courtesy: Bhaskar Prashant Kotha and Avinaash Chinamilli (Myself)

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

What you give is what you get!

I'm stuck in the rat race from Monday to Friday, 10 hours a day and virtually killing weekends with on-call support. Thinking of the unstoppable circumstances, I escaped from concrete jungle and started my journey into the woods. To my surprise, I experienced mother nature exploited by greedy social creature(Human Being). we are undressing her green cover and finding ways to cut her bones for our furniture. what you give is what you get! Let's take a step to plant saplings an restitch a protective cover. The artwork depicts great pain and stands as a warning for ineligible mankind.

- Art by Sana Shareef